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David Severns Code

This is the beginning of my public code repository. It will include snippets, samples, notes and projects related to my work in .Net and SharePoint Development. The code here will be related to my blog , articles, talks and examples mentioned during training courses.

It started with a Sharepoint event handler 'stsadmeventhandler' which is part of a bigger project and so is a bit simple on its own to justify a codeplex project although it got me started with and thinking about codeplex..

More to come stay tuned !

Two Sample Visual Studio Projects so far
  1. STSADM extensions to add, remove, list eventreceivers to/ from a list
  2. Eventreceiver that prevents a task item being deleted if there is an associated workflow

I created the extensions to help me when deploying the event receiver. there are some other great stsadm projects on codeplex which do this aswell.

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